Ficus Microcarpa

July 2006. My the latest purchase. At the moment the tree is adjusting to the new place and if the are not any problems it will be formed in the middle of August.

Ficus Microcarpa

August 2005. The photo below depicts an appearance of a specimen fig a few days after I had bought it. It is already very well formed and it needs relatively minor work to imrove it's form to perfection.

2006 Luty. After six months repotting of the tree to the bigger more representative pot. Soil consists of Akadama and standard potting soil in equal parts. At the bottom drainage layer of pumice.

May 2006. Two photos below show the tree during everyday care and on the display.

July 2006. The tree is formed mainly by restricting growth of the upper parts and free growth of the side branches. The target is to make them wider and thicker.

Ficus Microcarpa

November 2005. The first picture depicts an appearance of another ficus retusa after I had bought it in November. Health of the tree was overtaxed by recent jurney from Asia, lack of sunlight and space in the small pot. After a month of adjusting to the new place I had repotted it to the big pot what should stimulate a stronger growth. I hollowed out an unsightly old scar on the top after trunk cut and now it looks much more natural.

March 2006. After a branch cut there appeared a new fast growing bud that in the future is supposed to cover a scar.

July 2006. During the summer there is a much stronger growth that in the winter. To avoid wires grow into branches there is a necessity to change them every a few weeks. In the future the tree will be formed to create more dense conopy with thick branches.

Ficus Benjamina

September 2005. In this month I accidentally bought this tree. It was rather neglegted and for a long time neighter pruned nor repotted. Moreover it had some kind of parasite growth on it's trunk at the back of the trunk base (right picture below). The tree looked rather unesthetic and required too much space with wide growing side branches. Although it has a regular pattern of fused trunks and probably will never fulfil requirements of a perfect Bonsai, I like the tree and it serves me as a training material to improve my Bonsai skills :)

October 2005. Three weeks after a havy pruning and removing parasites. There are already a few new buds and leafs. I had put some Bonsai Cut Paste on scars.

November 2005. After about two months after pruning the tree is growing fast and already have many new branches and leaves.

May 2006. Repotting of the tree to the fresh soil and pruning of roots.

July 2006. Two months after repotting the tree is very vigourous and in good health. It will be formed to create a dense spherical crown.